Membership & Coaching

Do you fancy taking up a new hobby?

The Club offers free coaching sessions to get you started.  We have a fully qualified coaching and instruction team who provide regular coaching clinics for both new and the more experienced bowlers. Bowls and bowling shoes are provided for coaching purposes.

If you are new to bowls, it is worth knowing that it is one of the few sports that has no restriction on age or ability.  So you could join as a family and have some friendly competition.

Either way, whether you join as a single person, a couple or a family, you will receive your free coaching sessions to set you on your way and then be introduced into some friendly roll ups (umbrellas) if you so wish.  They are a fun way of learning the game and meeting other members of the club.

Thinking of joining?

Contact our Recruitment Hotline 07810 118679, to arrange a free, no obligation, coaching session.

Our membership fees are as follows:

  • £75 – Full Indoor / Outdoor
  • £10 – Junior / At School
  • £20 – Annual Indoor
  • £65 – Summer Outdoor (no rink fees for roll ups, county, club & national comps or umbrellas)
  • £2.50 – Associate